Commercial Services

First impressions are very important.  mow, inc. understands this and is committed to making your company or business property stand out from all of the rest.  We are proud of our reputation, however, that reputation will quickly disappear if we do not constantly meet and exceed your expectations.  We offer complete lawn maintenance programs.  We take care of the outside so you can take care of business on the inside.

Commercial Services Include:


  • Weekly property maintenance

  • Turf treatment program

  • Shrub prunning

  • Seasonal flower bed installation

  • Pine needle / Mulch installation

  • Snow removal

  • Landscape restoration 

  • Outdoor illumination

  • Drainage solutions

Design the package for your company.


Not every business or apartment complex needs a full package.  Your property may need a specific service.  We are capable of taking care of that need for you. Your business may need new mulch for the flower beds or trimming shrubs that have become obtrusive and cause potential hazards for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. You may just need a parking lot cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We can design any package for you.

Crime prevention


mow, inc. has a certified Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) analyst on board.  CPTED allows protection to customers, tenants and employees by redesigning areas surrounding buildings.  A CPTED analysis will show you where potential liability problems are and how to fix them.


  • Do you have enough lighting in the parking area?

  • Are hedges causing potential hiding spots for criminals?

  • What is the general appearance of the outside of the building?


These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself if people are depending on you or your company for safety.

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